Means "Frets on fire" the game.It is like GH but you use a keyboard.
Tommy:"did u get the newest fof song?"

Billy:"not yet it is still downloading."
by pokegeek January 06, 2008
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Girl 1: John won't stop texting me! It's like harassment!

Girl 2: If he's being a creeper, just tell him to FOF!
by happyredhat March 15, 2010
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"Full of Fail"
One who fails at life, or just most things in general
Oscar: I'm not enrolled in college yet, but I'm sitting in classes anyways

Jen: SMH Oscar, you're dedicated, but you're FOF.
by shakin ma head August 31, 2011
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Fresh off the Farm , for people the are inept in some new area of life ;)
Does he know what he is doing ??? Must be FOF !!!
by Simon Templar999 November 08, 2011
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A derogatory adjective for Mexicans who are "Fresh Off the Fence" similar to the phrase, "Fresh Off the Boat" that is commonly used with Asians. It basically means they just came across the border, and have not yet gotten their green card.
"Why doesn't Roberto Humberto run for president in 2012?"
"He can't, he's F.O.F."
by shiddigae niddiga December 03, 2008
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Feet Out First; when a baby comes out feet first and ultimately turns into a bum later in life, getting fired from jobs on a weekly basis and dating sluts. Basically, a retarded failure.
Chris is a FOF. That's why he is stupid and will not succeed in life.
by Bob Lubinsky November 13, 2006
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