Imaginary/nonexistent project, used as a cover for goofing off at work; derived from an episode of Seinfeld.
"Yeah, I'm really busy working on that Penske file."
by gregg schultz March 12, 2004
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A show that used to be on t.v about a man named Fox Mulder who when he was 10 years old had his 8 year old sister abducted by aliens in his living room and since then he has always been trying to prove the existance of extraterrestrial life on earth and/or the universe. When the series began Agent Mulder was already in a position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was working in a section called the 'X-files' which investigated into the paranormal. An agent named Dana Scully was assigned to the 'X-files' along with agent Mulder to help him with his work, but at first it was thought by Agent Mulder that she was there to spy on and to debunk his work, but over time he began to trust her and they became close. The show ran for 9 seasons on t.v and was quite popular with cyberpunks and paranoid people.
"Dude, did you see the final of the X-files? I watched that show for 9 years just to find out that cigerte smoking man's name, and they didn't even tell say. What a rip-off!"
by Matt[O] September 10, 2005
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not a show....the show...the x-files was awesome. It was the story of Agend Fox Mulder and agent Dana Scully. They investigated UFOs and such. Kicks the crap out of CSI any day...
**as frogs are falling from the sky**

Scully:Frogs are falling fromt the sky.

Mulder:Parachutes must not have opened.
by Sgt. Pepper May 26, 2005
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the act of nutting, ejaculating, or cumming.
AJ was filing a dispute even though it's no-nut November.
by yungdairy November 22, 2018
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Exposing a b**** in an Instagram group chat for talking shit. (Usually the worst pictures of them ever.)
🦐“I didn’t even talk shit about kylen
🦈”oh well I heard he’s sending files of you in the other group chat
by Kylen Red December 21, 2020
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verb. The relatively simple action of tossing useless documents or other papers you don't care about into the trash bin (usually round in shape). The lowest priority of filing systems...yet amazingly effective.

noun. The garbage can
"Your jury summons came in the mail, I round filed it for you."
"Thanks for saving me the time."

"After the end of the semester, I took all my papers and put them in the round file. They were taken care of accordingly."
by CollegeDude June 14, 2006
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