A corrupt organization that is almost impressively skilled at acquiring as much money as possible.
Fifa is a nonprofit organization that profited 2 billion dollars from the 2014 World Cup
by SoloMan June 05, 2015
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"Football Is For All".
*Husband: From 11th June until 11th July 2010, the television is mine, at all times, without any exceptions. The remote control will be fingerprinted each night, any sign of your fingerprints and all shopping trips will be cancelled for a month.
*Wife: Butโ€ฆ FIFA and I like fitbaw, too!
by quan cao tien August 06, 2010
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A series of EA Sports videogames. General considered to be the greatest soccer videogaming series on the market, if not the best overall videogames.
What did you do last weekend?

I won the Champions League Final 11-0 of FIFA.

On World-Class?


You know that you have no life, right?
by JuanesIsHot May 10, 2005
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