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1.When playing FIFA and divine intervention prevents you from winning when you clealry were better.
2.Speed Hackers
3.This includes D/C because the other player loses connection.
4. 90th minute goals when u have 60% possetion
5.LOsing Rank points for a 1-1 tie
6.Goals where the AI defenders charge forward all at once thus leaving everyone open.
7.Lagasauraus Rex Noobs
8.Server crash losses when your winning 3-0 and get a loss
9.Missing Off the post more then 4 times in a game then losing by one.
10.Outshooting your oppnent 35-3 and losing 3-1
11. Getting destroyed by the "momentum/scripting engine" int he game for new reason
12. Having the momentum engine screw you over repeatedly for multiple games after the orgina FIFA smite even though it shouldnt carry over.
13. Losing and Having EA blame the server crashing on your internet when u neve rlost connection
14. Own goals where the AI puts it in for you even though you pressed upfield and this goal costs you the game.
15. Losing because you or your oppenent has live season off when you bought it and they score D/C and get a win

16. Losing points on a 3-0 win
17. Losing on a cross that goes in directly, off the post , off a player off the post off your keepers back off the post again
18. Giving up ANY goals to people who run up and down the field after scoring doing all kinds of stupid crap for the full time.
19. Losing to anyone who plays possetion for the whole game because there to scared to play you.
:Senora how do you say fifa smite in spanish me
: IDK what is that
: When God himself rises up and strikes you down and gives u a loss

: nO PARTY :(
by Horsemalarky May 10, 2010
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