fuck damn shit.
A discrete and forum-friendly way of cursing.
Originally created (in this usage) by Ninja of the "dynamic superteam" kungfumosh (Lizzeh && Ninja, best known on quizilla.com for their caption quizzes).

AH FDS, I just slammed my finger in that car door
by makemefly June 30, 2006
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Term used by brazilians wich means "Foda-se!" (means "fuck you!")
- Hey dude, your shirt sucks!
- FDS!
by Shison January 31, 2008
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when a male doesn't bathe he must use some funky dick spray
Elrod needed some FDS, because he didn't bathe.
by Simone Elrod April 12, 2007
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abbr. Funky(pronounced ethnically "faunky) Dick Syndrome

n. an exclamation or observation usually discussed between two female girlfriends about the odor of one girl's sex partner's genetalia usually highlighting his obvious personal hygienic issues.
Ethnic Girl 1: Girl, that ni**er got FDS
Ethnic Girl 2: What's that, Girl?
Ethnic Girl 1: He got Funky Dick Syndrome!

(both laugh)
by Thatcher February 19, 2006
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Military acronym for Facial Dick Slap.
After pulling a houdini, Johnny Law added insult to injury by delivering a deftly executed FDS using his beleagered foe's own santorum.
by Thadd June 02, 2006
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