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Acronym for Full Bag Release.
A complete and utter evacuation of all of your yummy nut sauce performed by any of the various whores you affiliate with.
Last Thursday, Kuf's mother performed an FBR, and earned her imminent reward.
by Drano May 14, 2009
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The indie label: Fueled By Ramen...

including bands:
the academy is...
cobra starship
panic! at the disco
cute is what we aim for
this providence
Jane: I love FBR!

Sarah: Fueled By Ramen??

Jane: YEP!!
by Juanita. December 11, 2007
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A full blown Retard. Originated out of the streets of 60th Lane, a species so rare and slow that God himself would not take credit for "IT's" creation.
This FBR moment is brought to you by D-M, so special in every non loving way!
by gbarr85 April 09, 2010
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Means Full Blown Retard. A synonym for a person named Craig. Answers in short form because of retardness.
(On phone)
Bro: Hey what's up FBR??
FBR: Nothing.
Bro: Wanna do something?
FBR. I don't care.
Bro: So when you want to meet up?
FBR: Whenever.
by mondoinvasion August 10, 2009
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He called me last night wondering why I didn't text him back even though he hasn't called me in three days ....FBR.
by Hi-note September 11, 2009
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Fatty Bra Rolls: Like when girls wear their bras too tight and they get a roll all the way around.
Kate: Look at Lindsay's FBR's! She should get a bigger bra or wear a looser shirt!
by Newta February 12, 2008
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