A colloquialism often added to a sentence to denote exclamation or emphasis.
Far, what a serious.
You clearly have no argument. FAR.
by Splacken November 24, 2006
a distance of more than one feet (1 ft)
"The bed is too far... it's a good two feet away."
by t.love May 20, 2008
1. F.A.R.- stands for Fat Ass Ride, an acronym meaning car. ("whos far are we taking today?")
2. synonymous with "long ass" or "a fucking hike"- a word used mostly by stoners to describe a walking distance of over about 3 feet. ("hey mike, get me a beer." "get your own fucking beer- the fridge is fucking far away.")
by lauren August 31, 2003
anything outside the range of a full extended arm from a lying down position on the couch and not being able to move to get an item because the ass groove has a hold on the body comparable to that of a tractor beam from Star Wars
Hey man can you get that beer for me? (With outstretched arms) dude, thats far!
by far reach July 9, 2010
TeeJay: Andrew, your hella farrah blood! You just keep farring around!

Andrew: my bad! Shooooot! F*&k the popos!
by Anjay November 3, 2009

-barely believable based on logical or normal thinking
syn: unbelievable, unlikely, improbable
Everybody was hoping for him to change, but it remains far-fetched.
by Kirby Ocastro October 18, 2007