FARS aka Frequently Asked Retarded Shit is a well known Diamond-Radiant Valorant player that utilizes the tactic of "Jett diff" and an extremely overacted American accent. Rumors say that his followers often blind/first pick Jett in queues, tell people they are 10 times their elo and are deafened in Discord.
Kyriakos: "Did you hear FARS got to Immortal 2 yesterday?"
Marios: "Yeah but he will demote in like 2 days."
by Kollegios October 13, 2022
The word that is in every Persian's first or last name.

Farsani, Faraz, Farbod, Farsandnigger, Farnaz, Farhad, etc.
by RemiC March 1, 2009
The pronunciation of "fire" that is popular and not uncommon in the Midwest (mainly Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio), Pennsylvania, and the South. Derived from the pronunciation of "fire" used by Scot-Irish immigrants and Americans moving west of the Alleghanies, of whom a great number of the people in several of these regions and parts of these states are descended from.
I'm gonna set yer ass on FAR, BITCH!!!
by Ryan May 22, 2005
A word that describes almost crying, where you just randomly sound like you're sobbing without actually sobbing, its quite strange actually. It usually occurs in a joking crying matter and it doesn't usually happen in serious situations, but you never know with silly drifts.
Bob: Hey Bill want some soup?
Bill: I...I'm allergic to soup!
Bob: D:
Bill: *Farful*

That is just how it goes
by Farful May 6, 2011
adjective, commonly used by hendonesque youths as a word for good
shit boy this hoe was bare faaaar blad
by james leese January 9, 2005
How Miles Davis described John McLaughlin. While other guitarists of the 60s tripped far out or their minds, McLaughlin went far into the depths of jazz.

Since then, used to describe being very deep into something.
Your interpretation of Lost Highway is far in.
You're far into philosophy.
by milesbeyond March 28, 2009
A "finger friend" that is created by using the index and ring fingers as legs, and the middle finger as the snout. They typically have high squeaky voices, and personalities can vary greatly. They have no determined gender. They have a population of twice of the Earth's human population. They are incredibly hard to kill, as they live forever, and are witty and cunning little creatures. Many die due to their own stupidity, because all Farfuls are stupid to some degree. One characteristic that they all share is their craftiness and sassiness. They are not good at planning ahead, and are not aware of what is going on around them. That being said, they are good at strategy and entertainment.

There are many species of Farfuls. The three main groups are Farfuls, Shiblies, and Crawlies. To give a Farful a name you simply put his profession in front of the word "Farfuls". For example, Carpenter Farfuls, Chef Farfuls, Stripper Farfuls, Drag Queen Farfuls, or Realtor Farfuls. There are also, of course, just plain old family farfuls.
For example, one Farful I know has a bipolar characteristic, and is very funny. He acts like a little like a small child, and thinks his way is the best way to do something. He loves sparkles and the colour pink. He sleeps in a homemade bed made out of a washcloth and a tiny hand sewn pillow. He is not able to go to the bathroom alone, and you always have to keep an eye on him.
by GUMNUM July 23, 2011