1. A girl that tries to act like a hoe

2. A fake hoe
That foe plays you like you would get some ass.
by JohnnyMize April 10, 2003
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FOE - Final Ownage Elite
#1 Runescape P2P clan
Uses: Noun - Used in reference of a FOE member
Verb - Demolish
Adjective - Cool, refined, fair, honorable
Pronoun - Final Ownage Elite
Noun - "look at all those Foe owning them"
Verb - "We are totally going to FOE all over those pixels"
Adjective - "that shirt is so FOE"
Pronoun - "Hey thats the FOE site"
by ZzXK February 24, 2009
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Can be an abbreviation of almost anything as long as it spells foe, but usually means Ferociously Overpowered Enemy or Fucking Overpowered Enemy. Taken from Etrian Odyssey. It refers to any video game enemy that is so overpowered it is meant to be avoided, but can be defeated with enough persistence or character strength.
"Damn this game! How do I beat the dragon in stage 3?" "It's an F.O.E, a fucking overpowered enemy. You can avoid it and come back to kill it when you've leveled up."
by Lena_S January 22, 2021
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yo f.o.e for life and that’s on ganggg

f.o.e > luv
by this pp November 16, 2019
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see Four Corner Hustlers.
Common feat. Kanye West - the Corner:

"memories on corners wit the foes and the moes.."
by shOrty foe August 18, 2005
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Foe Is A Word Used To Greet Your Homies Or Used In Many Other Ways
Yoo Whatsgood Foe/Foe Why You Tripping/Come On Foe Quit Playing
by Scrap T February 11, 2018
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