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(pronounced fa-ful) or just fafl
Fat Ass For Life
To be fat. To be a F.A.F.L. can be a state of mind or being (or both).
"What a F.A.F.L.! He just ate the whole buffet!!!"
by sandy assboy March 11, 2009
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Fat Ass For Life; Someone who eats an amazing amount of food; Someone who really cares about food; Not necessarily overweight just a pig.
I feel like such a fafl!; Don't be such a fafl!; Ili is feelin fafley today.
by Linili January 09, 2009
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Bob kicks Tom's ass at (insert competitive game/sport)

Tom: that was bullshit
Bob: lol fafl

see also: goml
by Vanhoy October 07, 2007
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