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Contraction for Fat Maddie

1.The poster child for McDonalds

2.Loud, obnoxious, fat, bitch.

3.That crazy girl who believes she is ghetto and from the deep south, but is actually from California.

4.Fat ass who thinks she owns the place.

5.The girl who looks half way decent until you see her scarf down food like no tomorrow.

6. An unattractive girl who causes men to mutilate their genitals.
1. Wow, check out that F-Maddie swallow that McGangbang like a champ.

2. Why doesn't that F-Maddie ever shut her mouth?

3. That F-Maddie and her multiple accents makes me want to incinerate my own cat.

4. That F-Maddie should sit her ass down before she tips the joint like a see-saw.

5. My friend pointed out a sexy girl in the bar, but when she got her food, she turned out to be a F-Maddie.

6. I dreamed of a F-Maddie and nearly sawed off my own cock.
by BettyGrovenstein February 28, 2012
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