An act which defies both physics and logic; one which can only be described using the words "OM(F)G".
Oh My (Fucking) God, you should have seen it! I don't know how, but he actually got back up and tried it again!! It was the most OM(F)G-Tarded thing I've seen in my life!!! I mean, really...what was he thinking????
by Coda_Samardon April 28, 2011
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The best most entertaining way to get yourself fucked. It is the most entertaining drinking game you'll find out there. It is kinda in the name it will defo get you fucked either by the dares that will ruin your life/ relationship or by drinking way too much.
Man FACT OR F**KED is the shit we literally all ended up on the floor. Best thing we saw was Jake's mum's reaction walking in while Jesse and Craig were doing the 69 hickeys.
by dddaddyyy January 24, 2023
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The guy who thinks he's funny yet doesn't make any sense ,let alone anyone laugh!!!
Juddy thinks he's funny but really he's just Talkward as f
by August 28, 2023
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Has a perm
Jack F usually has a perm
by Marv101010 June 24, 2021
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an alternative for the word fuck, usually used when someone is scared. you use this when you can't say the word fuck because there are people around you, so when the letter slips out of your tongue, you cover it up with the phrase fu f ef fishy. this phrase originated from chittaphon leechaiyaporkul, also known as the best dancer in kpop.
"omg i am so scared! fu- fu f ef fishy, aaahhh mr fish!" says ten on wayv's dream plan
by sexiest fish you will ever see January 21, 2021
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That spells free! baby! Saw their ads on my tv, thought about goin but was too lazy
Now instead of looking fly and rolling fat My legs are sticking to the vinyl and my posses getting laughed at! F-R-E-E that spell free. baby!
by this username sucks July 22, 2021
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