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F'knoof: (see also: Cambridge F'knoof) n. a multipurpose eating utensil that combines the function of a traditional fork, knife and spoon into one untensil.

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The F'knoof was invented in October of 2006 by a group of American exchange students visiting the U.K. Frustrated with contemporary eating utensils and eager to revolutionize the modern culinary world, they assembled and marketed the first F'knoof (a combination of the words "fork" "knife" and "spoon") and by 2007 F'knoofs could be found in households and restaurants around the world. It's original name "Cambridge F'knoof" was initially used for marketing purposes, but the place title was soon dropped after IKEA contracted rights to the patent.
Old-school knives and forks, I dread! I'll use the handy dandy F'knoof instead!
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