FAB from the TV show "Thunderbirds" stood for "Full Acknowledgement of Braodcast." Gerry Anderson, the producer of "Thunderbirds" was known for these obscure catch phrases. In another series "Captain Scarlet" he usied SIG which stood for "Spectrum Is Green" They both meant roughly," ten-four", "I copy" and "roger that."
Jeff Tracy: "Scott set up a perimeter so Virgil can put down Thunderbird 2"
Scott: "F A B"

Colonel White: "All units return to base."
Captain Scarlett: "S I G"
by Yorgi D February 11, 2006
From the puppet cult TV series by Gerry Anderson, 'Thunderbirds'. Alternative for 'Loud and Clear' in radio transmissions. Apparently according to Gerry on the thunderbirdsarego.com website, 'Fabulous' was a buzzword of the 60's, often shortened to 'Fab' and for the show it became F.A.B
Scott 'Okay, come back to Tracy Island'
Virgil 'F A B'
by Andy Derrick September 7, 2005
Acronym for Fake Ass Bitch. A female who is a complete facade. She is made up of lies and is completely unreliable.
PJ: Did that girl that gave you her number and told you to call her ever call you back man?

Sheldon: Nah, I called twice and she screened the shit outta me. She's a fuckin' F A B.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
"I got your order", "Loud and clear", "over and out" "Fabulous".
A difinitive explanation has never really been found. But, fans of the Thunderbirds all know what I mean
"Scott, direct Thunderbird 1 to the base camp."

by Sam McKie August 1, 2005
An acronym with two possible meanings:
1: Fine Ass Bitch
2: F*ckin' Affirmative, Brotha Brother
1: Dude, check that F A B!!
2: Chef: There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college. Do you understand?
Cartman: That's F A B.
by P-DOGG the Apostle July 12, 2005
Funky Ass Breath, nasty smelling breath
Jim:hey sally want to go to the movies on friday
Sally(with bad breath:yea i would love to
Jim: Damn Girl u got some F A B would u like a mint.
by WDT November 9, 2006
From the Hit TV series "Thunder Birds". when Tracy island (the base) would call up one of the thunder brids and be like "ey whats up"? the answer would be "not much, over and out F A B".
F A B stands for "Fucking A' Base". sotive like 'yah read you loud an clear'.
Tracy Island: Scott take Thurder Bird one Home
Scott: aight Dad, over and out, F A B (Fucking A Base)
by Bob Dog November 21, 2005