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1) Food & Fucking. One of the main reasons men stay in relationships with women they don't particularly like is because of the free food and the free sex.

2) First & Fifteenth, a term, record label and street corner made famous by Chicago's finest, Lupe Fiasco.
1) Mark: Hey didn't Fogel break up with that bitch? I thought he said he doesn't even like her?

Tony: Yeah he can't really stand her at all, but he's staying in it for the F & F.

2) Just listen to any Lupe song
by Anthony FreeMason June 06, 2010
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f&f - flirt and forget. used after a break up, when you want to forget about your ex by flirting with other people.
person 1 : hey dude. heard about the break up. you alright?
person 2 : yeah, man. i'll just f&f.
by mermanpoop May 16, 2016
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1. Family & Friends

2. Forgive & Forget

3. Fuck it & Forget
1. "Wanna hang out?"
"Yeah sure come over, we're having F&F over tonight."


3. "Man this is a really stupid thing to be fighting about. Lets just F&F okay?
by emilysnap December 24, 2009
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Darryl: Ay bro! You still kick it with that Ashley girl?
Bro: Naw man. I was just F & F'in her
by Dudetite December 14, 2012
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What guys expect from you...but they probably won't get it, at least not on the first date
by Christy June 01, 2003
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Friends and Family (group of people)
This cellphone package offers great F&F members call discounts but only if you register the members' phone numbers before hand.
by Semi Value November 12, 2007
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