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Most badass group of hilarious shipper bitches you'll ever come across. They would most likely commit suicide if their favorite TV couple, Ezria, broke up.

They inhabit the world of Tumblr and Twitter, and their hobbies consist of harassing the shit out of anybody who disagrees with them.
Despite their efforts of being the most dedicated shippers out there, they're constantly fucked over again and again by the producers and writers of the tv show Pretty Little Liars.
On August 2nd, they had one of the most exploited bitchfits in shipper history when they saw a preview of Jason kissing Aria, to which they exploded with anger and harassed the shit out of Marlene King, the producer of the show. Marlene got extremely butthurt about the whole situation, except later tweeted spoilers to calm the rowdy Ezria Family, but it was to no avail. Even later after that, Marlene made a post to her Facebook page, which was "aimed at all shippers", except everyone knew it was aimed towards the Ezria Family, in which Marlene asked everyone to stop the hate, to which the Ezria Family ignored, seeing as we still hate the shit out of Jason and his annoying ass hair. In later interviews with cast members Ian Harding and Lucy Hale, interviewers asked the two about the "Ezria Shipper Storm" resulting in further fame for the Ezria Family.
Though they are the most dedicated and largest fanbase in the entire Pretty Little Liars fandom, they get the most hate because everyone wants to be us.
Girl One: I hate Ezria.
Girl Two: I wouldn't dare put that past the Ezria Family. You'll get the absolute shit beaten out of you.
by ezriafamilybitch October 10, 2011
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