when you do too much sex like all different ways like sucking tits so hard fucking and licking your girlfriend pussy too hard and touching your girlfriends boobs too much and she sucking your dick so long kissing COMPLETELY NUDE / NAKED licking each others Butts kissing each others Private parts stripping your girl and moaning too loud and fucking / licking your girls pussy too hard and too deep, and then Pregnancy occurs i like calling it *sex-extreme*
Girlfriend: can we have sex?
me: Nah how bout Sex-Extreme yeah?
Girlfriend: thats right *starts stripping then has sex-extreme* like extreme sex
by microsex April 10, 2021
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When sex with a penis goes to the extreme.
Man: I am tired of regular penis sex, tonight we're doing extreme penis sex
by Extreme Penis Sex October 28, 2020
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A place were anal masters fight to the death in games like free for all, hardcore team buttmatch,search and anal.
Boy did you cath the latest episode of the Extreme butt sex arena in central mexico on ytv last night?
by thehappyhamster February 3, 2009
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