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A straight females reaction to non-straight females.
A straight females reaction to non-gay porn.
A straight females reaction to what you were watching five minutes ago...
Guy: Hey babe, wanna watch some porn?
Female: Well I'm kinda busy right now and- Eww lesbians!

Female: I googled "p0rn" yesterday and all I got were Eww lesbians results...
Other female: Well at least you didn't get twelve thousand pages of furries...
Female: ....0_o...
Other female: Yes rly....

Female: What are you watching? I thought I told you not to fap on the keyboard...
Male: This was a pop-up, I swear! It WANTED me to watch it!
Female: You installed Internet Exploded again behind my back didn't you?!! If Apple finds out about this they are seriously going to have your ass on a- EWW LESBIANS!!
by Burn-All-360s June 07, 2009
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