You look like a teenage mutant Ninja Turtle lol but you also look like. Uncle Phil's toe
Ew she looks ew
by lil_wayne78 June 02, 2020
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A word used to describe disgust or maybe a fear also some girls use it to talk trash about other
Girl 1: Ewwwww spiders 🕷

Girl 2: Ahhhhh eww gross ruuun
by Kkkkjjkkyuyg November 28, 2019
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A word used to describe a feeling of disgust, but not necessarily in a negative sense.
Ew, that's hella mean.
by Peon June 29, 2003
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an adjective added to a noun that is not physically gross but mentally gross in a person's mind.
Ew love. Girls give out love and get it smashed, chewed, and barfed back in their face.
by angie miller January 12, 2006
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Some would see this as the word ew (ditch pig), but it actually symbolizes a person who is extraordinarily perfect, and who is without a doubt a pirate. More characteristics of a person with the e.w. quality are gorgeous, squishy and boss.
Megan: Oh my gosh.. look at that boy riding the bmx bike. he is so e.w., i want him to be my pirate king
Godzuki: i see where your coming from. if i was a girl i would totally go for him.
by megalon March 20, 2008
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Ew means extra wet... in a dirty way so bye now lol
hey bby im ew rn
by thisaccrocks March 03, 2019
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