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A community college beside the hill in San Jose, CA. Has a very relaxing atmosphere and the parking isn't so bad.

A large percentage of the student population are asians and mexicans. For science classes which are 98% asian students, it is recommended to go to San Jose City College since the professors are easier.

For liberal arts classes, you'll be with people of all ethnicities. Most of these classes are ridiculously easy, that you wouldn't really learn and still get an A.
Evergreen Valley College student: I got a B in Biology and I worked hella hard for it!

SJCC student: Man I just read the newspaper during class and got an A.


EVC Student 1: (Thick Viet accent)Hey are you Vietnamese?

EVC Student 2: No I'm not and I don't speak it. If you're going to school to learn English might as well practice it in real life you dumb asian. If the only english sentence you speak is "Hey are you Vietnamese?" then go back to your country and ask everyone if they're viet!

EVC Student 1: But I was born in America -_- and I was just curious if you were Viet lol
by Mr. Hao August 17, 2010
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