A usually nice, friendly girl. Some Eves can be total bitches though, bitches to those who she dislikes. If you're a close friend or close family, she'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. If you make fun of any of her issues or problems you'd be known as dead meat. Who knows.. maybe Eve's a werewolf.
Sam:"I can't believe Eve got suspended again!"
Logan: "Not her fault, that girl shouldn't have said that to her"
by maddiesmaw4207 April 21, 2018
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Eve is a very depressed girl. she gets attached to people to easy. Eve recently got dumped and right now she is broken inside.
"Eve is a depressed girl who needs help."
by Eve_Cassidey September 04, 2017
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Eve is a lovely feisty girl who's laugh can always put a smile on your face. Her bubbly personality makes her fun to be around although can see seen weak minded to others. She is a good friend to all she meets. She can have an attitude to others so stay away when she gets angry. She can doubt herself from time to time but is always considerate of others. She tends to like dogs, dairy milk, like singing, born on 24th and like games like fortnite and more.
Adam and eve created this world
by evelover6363 June 07, 2018
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Eve. eve is just so amazing omg i cant even. she is the reason you all are alive right now how can you can you just sit there and pretend that shes not a fucking goddess. your lucky if you even know an eve because she is fucking gods gift to man kind. she is a fucking savage and you and a fucking average god damn it. shes a fucking bombshell you twat omg she is da bomb
omg, i met a girl called eve
omg ur so fucking lucky. eves are gods gift to man kind
by shmeve13 August 23, 2017
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1. the evening
2. the day before an event
3. the period leading up to an event
1. I'll see you at the game this eve!
2. We went trick or treating on All Hallow's Eve.
3. It happened on the eve of the Civil War.
by BobEatsMuffinsOozily September 16, 2007
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Someone who is better, and more beautiful.

You can't compete with eve.

She has the skills and is sooo talented
I walked and saw eve then cried cause i could never be her.
by TeaSpilledd November 11, 2019
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