A friendly person but can be aggressive. You don’t want to be on her bad side!
“Heh, it’s an eve, my enemy”

*Eve runs at them*
“Shit, run!”
by Haleeva June 06, 2019
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Eve was the first woman and chose enlightenment over free food and sex and is now hated for it. Eve is very similar to Buddha and Pandora in her choice, though we all love Buddha
God asked "do you want knowledge?" and Eve was like "Yeah!" so God said "ok, here's an apple that'll teach you all you want to know." So Eve eats it, becomes a genius, shares it with her husband (which was a pretty nice thing to do) and then looks around and says "there are better things than this garden. Let's go."
by three guesses June 21, 2005
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An MMO (Massivly Multiplayer Online Game)based in the galaxy of Eve. The player takes the role of a member of one of 4 races; Amarr, Caldari, Mimmatar or Gallante and begins their journey through deep space.
Known as a very player driven and open ended game it differs greatly from other MMO's in that every player worldwide (except asians) all play together on one server which consists of many nodes. This means that the community is much larger and more tightly knit than other games.
It has been critisised as being too PvP orientated and not very noob friendly however the developers CCP have not appologised for this and have said that the game was designed such that skillful players who work together will be able to get the furtherest ahead.
eve_n00b: OMG, I just bought a faction battleship with the ISK I bought on ebay and someone with a Cruiser that cost 1/50th of the price just ownZ0red me???!!!??? WTF???!?!!?!?!!?
winner: You are a waste of life. Go do what your mother should have done a long time ago and give yourself an abortion.
by Warrio November 25, 2006
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eve is the most amazing, most selfless, funniest, kindest person you will ever meet. when you need to talk to someone when having a rough day usually eve is the first you would think of. She always puts others needs before her own and can make anyone easily smile or laugh. if you know an eve you are lucky, even if you get in a fight you know eve will still be there trying to make up for it. she is usually the person who pays for others meals, helps people when feeling sad, positive energy, and crazy. she is a keeper so if you know an eve you are one LUCKY person. if you have her as a friend cherish your friendship, she is an amazing friend who keeps her promises and is true to her word. if you like eve/dating eve; WOW you are one lucky guy/girl! she always puts your needs first in the relationship and is always there for you and you make her happy. if you have her as a teammate,classmate, neighbor or more you are lucky to have her put with you. cherish your time with this eve. you know she will always listen to you with her heart open and won't repeat it. eve is a special person and so are you if you know an eve.
Did you see Eve at school today?
by e.1250 March 29, 2020
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The cutest and silliest girl ever. always has a good meme to make you laugh and is always there for you.
literally eve is the cutest fucking girl ever
by SillyBoyTheo April 27, 2020
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The word Eve is used to describe the drug 3,4-methylenedioxyethamphetamine (MDE). It is a close relative of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or "Adam"). These two compounds are common in ecstasy pills and it is quite common that an ecstasy pill may be cut with both of these chemicals.
Both chemicals have very similar effects, however Eve provides a greater "loved up" feeling and a larger sense of "connectiveness" between people; Hence the nickname "The Love Drug".
"These pills are Eve, not Adam"
by Krauty August 02, 2005
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shes the coolest person EVER. you should love her, and always be nice because shes just so mint.

shes well fit, lucky if you can get with her. oh and! emer is also mint, emers are well pretty and cool. If you dont worship emer and eves you will go to hell.

done by an Eve.
emer: " when people laugh and we at the same time haha!"
eve: " haha and say, 'THE FLOOD IS HERE.." *opens legs*
by Efie July 06, 2011
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