the first woman.
the ultimate woman.
people may think they can defeat her, but they are wrong....they'll have to find her first...
three things you should know about eve... she is loose, she is mad, she is ruthless
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 06, 2004
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Eve's are all amazing. They are funny (weird sometimes) and they are pretty and they always think of others and always act happy even if that's not the case. They know what they are on about and if anyone disrespects them she won't always forgive you so be careful. But if she's your bestie you are lucky and I'm sure eves are lucky to have you.
Person 1 "eves so kind."
Eve. "Thanks."
Person 2 "*insults her*"

(A week later)
Person 2 "sorry I insulted you."
Eve. "Sorry but I have better friends now."
by Dontyoudareinsultme1 October 22, 2019
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Eve is the bestest friend you will ever have, she is super attractive and 100% a boy magnet!she will always have your back/side 24/7. Eves are mostly all popular and get along good with other people. She sometimes acts life she tough but very soft inside. Ps:there normally have blonde or brown hair:)
Eve has a great personality!!
via giphy
by Crackheadxox November 10, 2019
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Proof that God is unfair.
So, ONE lady ate an apple and now all of womenhood have to suffer PMS? Where's the logic in that?
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
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eve is the most amazing, most selfless, funniest, kindest person you will ever meet. when you need to talk to someone when having a rough day usually eve is the first you would think of. She always puts others needs before her own and can make anyone easily smile or laugh. if you know an eve you are lucky, even if you get in a fight you know eve will still be there trying to make up for it. she is usually the person who pays for others meals, helps people when feeling sad, positive energy, and crazy. she is a keeper so if you know an eve you are one LUCKY person. if you have her as a friend cherish your friendship, she is an amazing friend who keeps her promises and is true to her word. if you like eve/dating eve; WOW you are one lucky guy/girl! she always puts your needs first in the relationship and is always there for you and you make her happy. if you have her as a teammate,classmate, neighbor or more you are lucky to have her put with you. cherish your time with this eve. you know she will always listen to you with her heart open and won't repeat it. eve is a special person and so are you if you know an eve.
Did you see Eve at school today?
by e.1250 March 29, 2020
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An Eve is an amazing girl. She is incredibly smart, cute, and modest. She is so graceful and always looks regal usually with long dark hair. She might seem intimidating but she’s really sweet and loves to laugh a lot. She might also seem shy in the outside but inside she’s the funniest person you’ll meet! An Eve has an amazing personality and always nice- though you don’t want to have her as your enemy... She has so many talents, a lot involving music, artistic capabilities and can usually speak another language! Not only good looking but also incredibly smart and super modest about it. If you know one, don’t let her go! Talk to her, become her bestie, ask her out, whatever it takes to keep her close to you!
-Did you meet her?
- Who?
- The super smart girl with the tan skin and long hair

- Oh you mean Eve?
by Brandon1005Jack.0 March 17, 2019
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