First girl.
Most important girl therefore.
Everything a girl is suppose to be.
You cant call Eve 'fit' or 'hot'
Eve is so much more.
Eve is beautiful.
I dated an Eve. Woah.
Eves are amazing. looking for another .
If you know or have an Eve , you are one lucky man.

Adam - luckiest guy alive.
*blonde bimbo walks past*
Guy : Fuck, look at her. You would like.
Guy#1: Oh aye.

*Eve walks past*
Guy: Is that... is that?!
Guy#1: YES. its an eve.
Guy: Its... beautiful.
by sCCCCooott January 05, 2009
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Honestly nobody I’ve met has the same name as me. I can’t even find my name in a key chain lmao
“You know eve is a cool Name but I’ve only heard it in the bible.”
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Eve is the first girl.
The best.
You can call her hot/sexy/fit.
But she's so much more, she's beautiful.
She has the greatest personality you'll ever find.
Usually 'dirty blonde' hair.
Normally classed as 'indie' she will deny this, and say she's herself. She's loved by loads and hated by many that don't even know her'
Eve is a great kisser.
She falls in love easily and ends up getting hurt.
You can trust her with your life.
If you are friends with an Eve don't let her go.
If your going out with an Eve your a lucky man.
If you had an Eve and don't anymore, unlucky.
wow, she's beautiful.
she's ugly
do you know her?
she's an eve.
by mynameischeskie May 24, 2011
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Eve is a fucking gem. You’ll meet her and be amused by her clumsy snorts and SUPER LOUD sneezes. She works extra hard and does odd humble brag about it. She’s striking and super attractive in a way you can’t place. Her curvaceous figure and thicc thighs suit her big personality, both of which have men and women alike falling to their knees. (Not that this matters as she’s certainly huh gay ) She lacks self confidence despite her loud persona and deserves LOTS OF LOVE. Shower that girl with compliments because she deserves it. PS her name is EVE, don’t try calling her any of that Evelyn bullshit
Them: Woah Eve looks so cool what’s it like to know her?
Me: A fucking #blessing
by Ahnon Y. Mows April 26, 2019
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Eve is just the person you want to talk to she’s kind and selfless.shes very out there and doesn’t try hide anything from anyone.people are mean and can be nice but she doesn’t let anything get to her but it dose she just smiles to hide it . She’s always ready for a challenge when ever and it’s always done thanks to eve she loves helping others but doesn’t help her self she want to have more friends but they base there opinions on other people’s

Eves out there I hope u see this
Mean person : stupid etc

Eve: oh well

(At home)
Eve 😭😭😭😭😭
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The white nugget-shaped robot from Wall-E.

She is the most incredibly hot thing ever created. All living things find her incredibly attractive, yet most people refuse to admit it.
"Shit... EVE..."
by Wilcodude July 10, 2008
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