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An extremely small town in Louisiana that consists of only a small grocery store, post office, small cafe', and like five churches. The guys are country, usually enjoy riding horses and stuff, and the girls are hot and usually married by the age 20. Guys hunt, girls cook. Also CANNOT DATE ANYONE FROM HERE IF YOU ARE FROM HERE. Chances are, you're related.

High school basketball is the main focus. An ideal place to grow up with all of your cousins.
Girl 1: You're 23, married and have two babies?!

Girl 2: You must be one of those sweet Evans, LA girls.

Boy 1: Met a hot chick.
Boy 2: Please tell me she's not from Evans, LA.
Boy 1: Yeah.
Boy 3: Dude, she's your 2nd cousin.
by etownngirl July 05, 2011
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