Nickname for the drug Ecstasy aka MDMA aka Molly - mostly used in Scandinavian countries.
- Have you got any Eva?
- Sure!
by felsis February 22, 2018
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A beautiful girl who has many admirers! She's usally shy at first but has a great Personality Very funny person to be around and will NEVER Backstab her friends She's unlucky in first love and whatever guy leaves her is a jerk and always regrets it however she's strong and always helpfull to others <3 (From what I know guys that break her heart are usually guys with S or R in their names)
"Bro I made a mistake breaking up with Eva!"
"She's such a good friend what an Eva"
by @Therealtruth August 08, 2018
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Eva is a really great person although she has some insecurities. I you know someone named Eva, tell her you love her.
Person 1:Do you know Eva?
Person 2:Oh yeah I always tell her that I love her and she's perfect
Person 1:Why?
Person 2:Because she is insecure
Person 1:Oh i'll go tell her that now!
by Evie123456789 November 22, 2020
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As a word/name, Eva means "lively" or "full of life", so naturally, they are very friendly, energetic, and funny. Eva's are usually very honest and open-minded. They do have a darker side, too, which you do not want to get on. They can make really bad enemies, so it is best to be on the good side of an Eva. Eva's are surprisingly nice people when you get to know them. They are probably very supportive and peaceful, yet they make great friends, companions, and even significant others.
If you mess with an Eva, you'll live to regret it.
by RandomPersonOnHereDon'tJudge January 07, 2021
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Eva is an person that is genuinely smelly,others like to explain eva as slow due to there long process of understanding certain things.
"Look at that smelly eva!" #smellyeva
by Miya Reilly July 21, 2021
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