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When a Eugene is seen with a backpack, one should run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. The common Eugene will often carry a number of things in his backpack, including a trench coat and a fedora. However, the main reason why Eugene's backpack is worrying is because he usually carries his AK-47 assault rifle with many extended clips. He makes sure that he has extra clips when he is planning a school event in the school hall.
Eugene's backpack contained a variety of items including his assault rifle. It was getting to the whole school assembly, and son we were worried about where those bullets would end up
"I saw a Eugene reach into his backpack and pull out a fedora. I ran as fast as I could in the other direction because I was worried about what he would whip out next."
"I was sitting next to a Eugene in class yesterday, when all of a sudden I see him reach into his backpack, I was extremely worried about what he would whip out, so I forced the teacher to let me go to the toilet before I got shot up"
"Me and my friends were sitting in the dining hall, when we see a lonely Eugene reaching into his backpack, we saw a flash of wood, which instantly prompted my Vietnam flashbacks; causing us all to run before he emptied his extended clips into the dinner ladies"
by BFGRED May 17, 2017
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