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Euda's Syndrome is a psychological condition to where the person in question will ditch everyone of the same gender (either on IRC, MSN, Ventrilo, or real life) and start talking to the nearest gurl they encounter, regardless of prior plans with friends, the attractiveness of the girl, if she is taken, how bitchy or stupid she is, mental instability, et cetera...

A term coined from eudaemonistic_sob from totse, who has a severe case of the condition.
An example of Euda's Syndrome

<Yossarian> Hey Euda, what's up?
* xannex has joined #totse
<Euda> How goes the day, xannex? ;)
<xannex> I just got a new apartment.
<Euda> Sounds good, I'm looking for a new place myself.
<Yossarian> Fuck you, ignoring me you fucking prick.

"I was gonna hang out with my homeboys, but John started suffering from Euda's Syndrome at last minute. What a pussy whipped bitch."
by John Yossarian August 21, 2007
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