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A very dirty and desguisting African who has a horrible odor that makes the skunk pretty tolerable and ugly primitive monkey looks, including very weird color of the skin (a disquisting shade of brown very similar to dog crap), an ugly nose and colossal lips that make the mouth looking like a monkey's one, their head shape and face looks have resemblance to Lucy Australopithecus.

Ethiopians have such a nasty odor, because they never shower. They are naturally smelly for some reasons, even when they are clean, but they got stinkier and stinkier, they sweat a lot and have no water to shower, because of the lack of indoor plumbing in East Africa. The other main reason they don't shower is because they use the bathroom only to sing there, because there is much better acoustic than in any other room, being too proud with their body odor to ever take a shower. Their smell is that bad, that can make somebody die only just by approaching to him, it's said that an Ethiopian woman's vagina smells the same as 2000 dead rats in a single room.
Ew, what the hell stinks that horrible? It almost made me lost my lunch.
Calm, buddy, that comes from the shit skinned monkey looking girl that's behind you.
Oh, she must be an Ethiopian ape !
by the wise anthropologist June 26, 2013
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