Kim Taehyung's ethereal beauty will make you believe in magic.

When Kim Taehyung is on the scene his ethereal beauty makes it impossible to focus on anything else, even when he’s not trying to draw attention.
by Via Hill May 29, 2020
Our good boy Kim Taehyung ( 김태형)
You can't just ignore Taehyung... he is THE Ethereal Beauty!
by May 21, 2020
e·the·re·al beau·ty; (ih-theer-ee-uhl) (byoo-tee)
adjective, noun, plural -ties.

1. Something from a dream; Haunting and gorgeous.

2. Delicately sensitive, precious and refined.

3. Inspirational gorgeousness of body, mind, and soul; a Muse.

4. Of or pertaining to what I have, and what you wish you had!

Origin: Hawaiian, English, Other origins unknown.
Exaple sentance:

"Although pa' akiki, that Anuhea is sure a real ethereal beauty!"
by Albinomichael December 29, 2011
Kim Taehyung (V) of BTS is wildly popular for his beautiful looks, voice & personality.
Taehyung is an Ethereal Beauty, especially with light hair.
by KPOP WRITER January 13, 2021
“Did you see Jeonghan’s new fancam? He is the definition of ethereal beauty!”
by Bruh jeonghan fine af October 18, 2019