A hansdome boy who is annoying sometimes but is fun to mess around with
ethan is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Pink_Fluffy_Unicron's November 03, 2016
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A beautiful boy and certainly the beat boyfriend ever to be found. If you ever find an ethan scoop him up straight away before some other controlling bitch with the same name as you does;) he'll always be there for you especially in tears. -kisses are healing and his cuddles are fresh:3 Young with a really childish nature, often over obsessed with the word nipples and never fails to make you laugh. Such a lovely guy who will one day mean the world to you when feelings pour. A sexy sweet beautiful cute childish bundle of love.
Megan-i love you

ethan-i love you more my baby latias
by meganinwonderland182 June 28, 2013
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a person who has A.D.D and a very good vocabulary. they can hold converstations with a tree stump for several hours. Can also be stupid and idiotic.Is unaware of his or her surroundings.
You just pulled an Ethan!
by Poopie22 August 28, 2008
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A teenage boy that looks like a mixture of OG Mudbine and Hercules. That will also eat your pussy out for hours. Usually has the last name Batzer
Yo, my mans was an Ethan tonight in bed, my shit got glazed
by Ethan Batzer December 21, 2016
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One of the most amazing boys you will ever meet. He is cute, charming, and sweet. He is shorter than most, but that makes him more adorable. He will stand up for you when others say something bad and will do whatever he can to make you feel better when you're down. He has a great sense of humor and can make you smile just by looking at you. You are Lucky if you have one for a boyfriend. I know I am!
Girl 1: I talked to Ethan today . He's so sweet.

Girl 2: well duh! He's Ethan
by Chickencheesenuggets January 14, 2016
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One who does not wear a shirt.

Someone who needs to be constantly reminded to wear a shirt.
I was so Braded last night I got Arieled by an Ethan who then Jaked me.
by TonyDungy January 17, 2011
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