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Estonia is a small country in northern Europe that feels and would like to be nordic, but actually belongs to the baltic countries south of the baltic sea. Due to its size and since just about 1.4 million people live there (for reference: New York has 8.4 million inhabitants) , somthing that has been dubbed the "estonian phenomenon" can be witnessed here. The term describes that everyone practically knows everyone or at least someone who knows them. This makes gossip equally more interesting and more dangerous, since the person you are gossiping about will almost certainly hear about it. Sometimes Estonia feels like a big family gathering of a country where even someone who seems to be a random stranger has most likely some kind of relation to you.
"Oh hey, I know the girl who just delivered our food... that was an awkward interaction"
"How do you know her?"

"Its just a case of estonian phenomenon, my classmate used to work at her families store and she used to play soccer with my second cousin. Did you know that she broke up with her Boyfriend?"
by Lilleke5 July 24, 2021
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In principle - any unsolvable problem.
Tanel: "My Skype messages never reach my mate who's sitting next to me!"
Urmass: "Chill, it's an Estonian puzzle ;)."
by zaucho May 21, 2009
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A game where the goal is to kick each other's testicles until one person either gives up and leaves or passes out from

the pain. The winner is the last man standing, who usually wins a bet of sorts.
Hey, wanna play some Estonian Football?

Nah, both my balls died since the last time we played
by weednosebutveryweed January 14, 2022
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A shower and bath combo. First, you take a normal warm bath. When you are ready, start draining the water but do not get out. Turn the shower on to it’s coldest, most frigid setting and remaining laying down in the tub. If you can survive after the water completely drains or 3 repeats of “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against The Machine, you have successfully taken an Estonian shower.
Nothing wakes you up like a double espresso and an Estonian Shower
by KRJaffaOneOneNine2 February 2, 2018
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An Estonian Banquet is a fetish scenario where a group of people line up and one or two persons kneel behind them and eat their shit as it come out of their anus. It originated in the Estonian porn industry hence the name.
I want watched a weird porno that featured an Estonian Banquet.
by Shug89 October 14, 2018
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Large eastern european hairy male wearing scant swimwear, often seen in Canal street Manchester in the depths of winter,mainly at Gay foam parties
Estonian Mankini
by Jymsyn November 3, 2011
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