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Full of beaners, preps, and stoners. This ugly school location in Estero Fl, is awful

Estero fuckinh sucks people always tappin

Used to be straight idk what happened

Teachers tryna catch me with my cart
But never catch me I’m too smart

All this gas got me tryna sleep in class

Why teachers being such a hard ass

Giving me detention but with all my friends its more like a convention

Admin Tryna catch me juulin

No worries Im straight boolin

Fake bitches all around

Can’t wait to leave this town

School ends at 1:35 that’s when I thrive

Getting home feeling tired

But this new cart got me feelin wired
Why so many people fake it’s like they tryna be snakes
Always posting drama on their finstas
Just stay on your rinsta

This bitch snitchin sayin the bathroom smells like dank

Nah you just stank

Estero makes me down wine like water

While teachers are probably fucking your daughter

People always getting high in the bathrooms

And hitting Juuls in classrooms

This school is full of too many cunts

Nah bitch you can’t hit my blunt

Saying I was out of class for too long

Sorry I was in my car writing this song
Yo fuck Estero high school.
by Lilcoryy April 02, 2019
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A school that is 'diverse', contaning hundreds of whites and hispanics, 10 blacks and 7 asians
White guy: are you going to attend estero highschool?

Black guy: hell no there is like no black people there.
by Joshfire99 May 19, 2016
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A school of idiotic students who only have one priority, drugs, senior baoys take advantage of thots and basically command the younger sheep in the school
Bonita student: where do you go to school

Estero student: estero highschool, it’s obviously better
Bonita student: lmao you have senior jackasses
by MufasaLives99 June 12, 2019
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