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Usually known for being wealthy,smart and full of hot guys in khaki pants and polo shirts, it is a great place to live. It is in Essex County, New Jersey. Some kids attend West Essex Middle School and High School but many leave or go straight to private school. The people living here tend to be obsessed with lacrosse and have great flow.
person 1: hey, you know that kid Liam Garvey?

person 2: He's the Essex Fells kid with great flow, right?

person 1: Yeah.
by hellolove1998 February 26, 2011
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Essex Fells is a place where everyone has money. Whether they are into business or they are a celebrity. Home of many celebrities. Everyone is very preppy wearing polo shirts and very expensive clothing, because they can afford it. Very small town, a little more than just one square mile. There is a pond called "The Pond" where everyone goes skating on during the winter. Many kids attend the elementary school in town which is as small as a private school, only about 200 kids in grades preschool all the way through sixth grade. After sixth grade, some kids go to West Essex middle school and high school, but most of their parents don't like the idea of them going to a large public school where students don't get as much attention as they should, so they get sent to private school. Most boys go to either Delbarton or Oratory. Oratory costs $17,900 and Delbarton costs $32,2000. Also, the girls usually go to Oak Knoll or if they go to West Essex middle school then leave for high school they usually go to Mount Saint Dominic, which starts at ninth grade. Mount Saint Dominic costs $15,850 and Oak Knoll costs $33,550. Usually, the kids who are at private schools are the most wealthy, considering how much each school costs when they can just go to West Essex for free. Overall, Essex Fells is a great town to live in.
by Essex fells citizen December 14, 2013
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