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An intense disease suffered by fans of the CFL's Edminton Eskimos, affectionately known as "The Eskies". Most notably shown by flashing green and gold colors or holding up a green oval with the interlocking double-E, which is The Eskies' symbol. Eskie Fever is most notably shown by Ralph Drabble's barber and close friend, Ernie Rand. So if you see green and gold don't reach for pain reliever, its just a bad case of Eskie Fever!
Ralph: Hey Ernie, great game yesterday, huh? Those Eskies are HOT!

Ernie: Green and gold, buddy, green and gold! I got a bad case of Eskie Fever.

Ralph: Here, lets get some lunch. How about a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of broccoli soup? Eskie colors!

Ernie: Sure! They beat the Tiger-cats pretty good. You know, I love my Eskies! (they start eating)

Ralph: Mmmmmm, this is good. Nothing beats an Eskie lunch. Man, it must be 102 in here. I'm burning up.

Ernie: (grabs a football) Now that we're done eating, lets play. Go long. (he throws the ball at Ralph and Ralph scores)

Ralph: Well, we beat 'em pretty good. In fact, we stopped them cold! Eskimos forever!

Ernie: (jumping up and down) Yes! Eskie Fever baby! Eskie Fever. A hunka hunka Eskie love.
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 28, 2011
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