Small, individual, escape ships. Often, found in a crate of Hamdingers.
"They're getting away in the.....escape pods."
by TexanMarine September 9, 2005
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A version of the alcoholic beverage known as Cape Cod (which is a mixture of cranberry juice and vodka) without the alcohol, therefore a "virgin" drink.

The pregnant woman who was still hiding her condition from her friends discreetly ordered an Escape Pod at the bar.
by Shetal January 25, 2008
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The name of the most popular Camren gc in 2020.
Escape pod is the deffinition of hot.
Escape pod is the best gc ever.
Here's escape pod simping again.
Escape pod has the hottest people.
by GoatyOOOverTheMoon November 30, 2020
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