Someone who gets on your nerves some times.
My brother is erky he keeps knocking on my door for no reason.
by CookieDisick February 11, 2014
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A mixed race man, usually Middle Ages with a Turkish origin and loves rub there belly and drink Turkish tea and abuse there children/wife with a toaster.
by SR3MASHTATIE August 22, 2021
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Being aggy or worrisome . Constantly nagging
Man quick being erky for the goodies
by Rainboeskittles June 2, 2018
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Someone special, someone very much cared and loved. That someone is also sexy, smart and hilarious. Best type of person there is
by Erky 101 May 16, 2017
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a person who is a herb; someone who is getting punked around
Son that nigga is a erky, he got sonn by dese 2 lil niggas.
He gave you a 20 after you pressed him?! HE is a erky.
by Luse Change December 10, 2004
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People can be so erky sometimes
by I_so_awesome February 24, 2017
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