Erin is a very confident girl who loves her family and loyal friends. She is self conscious and strives to be perfect.
A smart dresser who has style. She's a natural leader who has many followers. She doesn't like parties like she
used to but the occasional one doesn't hurt, she's prefer to stay home and make love the Kama Sutra way, it's
the best, usually leaves men not wanting sex for a while. Erin is very funny, she does an awesome
impersonation of Bogans at the TAB, her friends adore her and won't leave her alone. She believes everyone
will find their true love one day and when they do enjoy each and every day. Erin is a gym junkie, her body is
freakin amazing, her boobs are double letters and she loves extreme sports. One of the best swimmers around
and a natural kick boxer. She will take anyone down if they mess with her pride, family and friends. A collector
of pocket knives and Jewfish pearls. Loves the outdoors and mysterious men. She's attracted to the queer, and
believes money is made to be spent. Befriend an Erin if you can because not only is she fun but you'll never get
enough of her charismatic personality. She likes to hold a stern face because she's always hit on by men and

doesn't like to smile at them to make them think she's interested. But, there are some men that she will smile
to and laugh with, but they're only a handful. She's very picky and she always makes sure she picks men that
are going to compliment her class and sophistication.
James: "I can't wait to meet up with Erin, she seems different than the rest of the hoes I've been with"
by undercover bogan September 04, 2017
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A dazzling, bright, beautiful girl. Erin is most closely associated with the word Justin. She is perfect in all aspects, and loves to hang out with friends.
Wow, look at Erin, liking other boys but not realizing that Justin is the one for her.

Look at your dress, you're just like an Erin!
by Shaniqqqqqua May 27, 2011
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a great person to overall be around. she has the talent of a goddess, can play soccer like a wizard, and is a genius. Erin is also flawless, from her perfectly silky hair to her perfectly structured face. if you're friends with Erin, treasure this:) everyone wants to be around her!!!
mom:honey, stop. be more like Erin.
by teacup pig lover April 10, 2016
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"Faith' n' begorrah! Tis the time o' th' Dublin Shamrock Eatin' Festival in me homelan', Erin!"


"'Erin go bragh?' 'Erin go braless' is more like it!"
"Aye, Sean! Yon wee colleen is famous for the wearin' o' the green everything 'cept that particular article of clothin'!"
"Mind you, Dougal, she's got a wonderful brother-in-law."
"A prince among men, he is."
"Aye. Tis a shame what she did to his face."
by Larry, son of Larry February 04, 2010
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Erin's are stunningly beautiful and have good, if sometimes dry senses of humor. They are incredibly intelligent and witty and crazy creative, whether with a brush, a pencil or an instrument. They aren't dirty, but are flirtatious heart throbs. Erin is either the synonym of laid back, or should be in a loony bin for a major case of OCD. They are prone to accidents, especially spilling and knocking things over, (no one's perfect!). They are tall and athletic, they love animals. Somehow, they stay slim and trim, but can eat you out of house and home. Guys fall for Erin's all the time, (who can resist Erin's?!) and they have short, but honest relationships. Erin's are to independent to be tied down, they speak their minds, and they speak it loud, sometimes rudely. They are strong and unbending as steel on the outside, but after you get to know them, they become softer and more laid back. They are the epitome of beauty, creativity, wit, humor, elegance, grace and vigilance, but when you get to know them, they're just like any other girl. Never get in a fight with an Erin, you'll lose every time, Erin's are incredibly alpha and need thing their way. They are perfectionists and are either obsessive compulsive and or sloppy, though only in habitat, never in appearance.
Guy 1: That girl over there with the dog is super cute and funny, I could so go out with her.
Guy 2: (Laughs) Everyone wants to go out with Erin, it never lasts long. She's awesome, but has a habit of spilling and knocking stuff over.
Guy 3: She's the ideal girlfriend, but is a control freak or a slob,never volunteer to clean her locker.
Guy 1: She's super artistic, I'm still asking her out.
Guy 2: You'll either be kicked to the curb or the luckiest guy in the world.
Guy 3: So right.
by StarOftheCountyDown December 30, 2016
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Erin is a beautiful girl and a marvellous Dancer who likes to express her self by Dance and she is kind and would never hurt anyone.
by Opende December 08, 2016
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Erin has the looks of a beautiful goddess but don't let looks deceive you. Erin's are extremely courageous and don't let anyone talk them down. If you mess with an Erin you may want to rethink. Erin's are stronger than they look and know how to fight. She's not a smoker,drug attic, or anything like that, she doesn't take crap from anyone talking her down or her friends down. Erin is also a kind person when it comes down to it. She listens whenever you need advice for something and gives amazing advice. Erin's are also extremely creative love anything that can be used for some kind of art/design that they practicly have a sketchbook everywhere they go. Erin's are also usually calm and independent people but with friends they are the complete opposite! They are also very trustful. Erin's never break promises and never lie unless its for your safety. If you have a friend or girlfriend named Erin, you are one lucky person! :D
Girl: Who's that talking to the bad boys?
Girl 2: That's Erin! She hates people looking down on her!
Girl: Whoa! I want to be like Erin!
by Red Puppet September 06, 2016
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