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School for all the dumb kids who didnt get into sssas or whos parents didnt even want to deal with them so they went to boarding school. Less than a mile from sssas they live in its shadows and are defeated in almost all sports by them and the majority of the other ISL schools. The guys are looked upon with pity for their manly girls with no athletic talent.
episcapol girl: eww look at that skany sssas girl

sssas girl: dont hate me because im beautiful, hate me because your girlfriend thinks I am
by Gonzaga Guy October 31, 2004
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Spelled "Episcapol" by jealous boys and girls who attend other private schools in northern Virginia/D.C., but spelled "Episcopal" by everyone else with even the slightest intelligence. Founded in 1839 in Alexandria, Virginia, this boarding school affectionately nicknamed "The High School" is the place to send your kids if you are southern, preppy, athletic, and intelligent. It was the first high school founded in the state of Virginia. The school's biggest academic and athletic rival is Woodberry Forest School in Orange, VA but for the past 15 years or so, Episcopal has been raising its standards of excellence thanks to the admission of females. Episcopal graduates usually attend colleges such as UVA, UNC, UGA, Vanderbilt, Davidson, W&L, Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Sewanee, Wake Forest, and Tulane. EHS has a tradition of excellence both in and outside of the classroom and tends to attract good-looking, athletic, and bright students. Students at Episcopal spend their free time playing lacrosse, roaming around in lilly, rainbows, and croakies, listening to 94.7 (THE ARROW), hanging out around Dal, or eating Maggie Moos at "The Center".
Episcopal girl: "Did you see that freshman in chapel wearing my new Lilly print?"

Episcopal boy: "THE GAME against Woodberry is this Saturday so all y'all need to pack the bowl!"
by granolaprep March 15, 2005
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