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1: When you make somebody else yawn with the dreaded "yawns are contagious" and physical yawn combo.

2: When you have yawned so much already that every time you think of not yawning you yawn.

3: When you are not tired but the act of seeing somebody else yawn suddenly makes you feel sleepy.

4. Whilst attempting an Epic Yawn on somebody, everyone else around the aforementioned somebody subconsciously registers the yawn and yawns too.

5. When you read this, just seeing the word 'yawn' so many times makes you yawn.
Person 1: Hey Person 2! Did you know that yawns are contagious?! *yawns*

Person 2: DAMN YOU Person 1. *yawns*

Person 1: Haha. Epic yawn! *High fives*
by polkadotty January 07, 2010
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The sound that God makes when he is tired. It is a rare site to see.
"So I was on Skype yesterday, and Peaches had an epic yawn." (Btw, Peaches is God.)
by kathryn.bubblez.yum.heehee March 21, 2011
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