A title associated with or about a male in which he takes stereotypes associated with his particular niche or classification above and beyond normal to an exemplary (Epic) level.

Also the .com website associated with aforementioned activity.
Hey, that bro fucked ten girls last night. That doesnt matter though because that Epic Bro had those ten bitches systematically take all of the bro's credit cards and cash while he was fucking. Afterwards the Epic Bro also fucked those same bitches without a condom (because he is immune to everything) and had each of their mothers film it on high-def cameras. The next day they (the mothers) edited the shots for free which eventually made a best selling porno, AND actually paid the Epic Bro for the privilege to be in his presence
by Iconoclastic Bro January 29, 2011
3-8 bros head out to a rage for 2-7 days in a dope locale such as Las Vegas, South Beach or Mardi Gras. The goal is to pummel beers and skanks until everyone passes out and then do it again the next day.
Yo man, I hear Running of the Bulls is the best place for an Epic Bro Fest, all you do is murder tequillia and slay latinos.

Epicbrofest.com is a sweet place to read about bros Epic Bro Fests from all around the country.
by Bro Sidon December 8, 2010
When your doing something with your "Friend" and they really suck at it such as a team game which results in an insult due to their lack of ability to use their "brain power"
Man1: yo JD don't go in you might die
JD: sorry I'm too ignorant to listen so i will go in and die
Man1: NO JD!!!!!!....
Man2: omfg Epic failure Bro
by Mahboii January 20, 2011
The worst plushtuber ever
If you name your channel epic Bowser Bros your adopted
Bray: Epic bowser bros sucks at plushtubing
Random guy: FAXXXX
by Dick Lover 445 November 24, 2021