A large, 67-year-old, bearded white male with exceptional fighting skills. Seen on a viral YouTube video wearing a fanny pack, black baseball cap, and light blue t-shirt with "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER" printed on the back.

On February 16, 2010 a video was posted on YouTube showing a fight on a transit bus. The video begins with Epic Beard Man asking an unknown African American male (hereafter known as "Tyrone") to spit shine his shoes. Tyrone took offense to the request and a verbal argument ensued. After several moments of intense verbal sparring, Epic Beard Man moved to the front of the bus. The two men continued arguing and threatening each other, prompting Tyrone to leave his seat and approach Epic Beard Man. Several passengers were able to persuade Tyrone to avoid physical confrontation. As Tyrone returned to his seat, Epic Beard Man exclaimed, "I see tough guys like you and I slap the shit out of 'em!" This statement angered Tyrone who swiftly approached Epic Beard Man and attempted to strike him in the chest. Epic beard Man deflected the blow and delivered a powerful jab that stunned his attacker. Epic Beard Man then proceeded to unleash a barrage of punches upon Tyrone and left he bleeding and slumped against a seat. Epic Beard Man quickly exited the bus and Tyrone is seen bleeding profusely from the nose. When asked if he was alright, Tyrone simply said, "Bring da ambalamps."

It is believed that Epic Beard Man is the son of the Greek hero, Hercules.
"I see tough guys like you and I slap the shit out of 'em!" - Epic Beard Man


"Epic Beard Man is my hero."
by Raymond JK February 17, 2010
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A heroic viking who was on the verge of Godhood. Thor, fearing being usurped, erased his memories and cast him into the 21st century.

Confused and distraught, EBM had a troubled youth, before he found his calling and went to Nam' to kick Commie ass. He single-handedly pushing back the Tet Offensive and became basis for fictional heroes such as Rambo.

Alas, it was not meant to be, the hippies of the US united against him and he was forced to relinquish his gun and vow to never fight again.

For the next few decades the US continued to deteriorate around him. EBM, being a incarnation of justice, could stand this no longer. A worthless mortal, clearly unaware of the might of the EBM, crossed him, and was promptly obliterated by EBM.

EBM spared that mortal's life and walked off the bus, leaving his groceries behind. Why did he even need groceries? Not once in his life did he ever need to eat, nor has he ever felt thirst, pain or the urge to sleep. EBM has tried his entire life to be a normal man, but he was tired of that facade. He was determined to find out what he truly was. That day, he walked off the bus, a God.

EBM was not the only immortal on the scene. Freyja, watched the event unfold through the eyes of Amber Lamps. Outwardly, her expression never changed, projecting an aura of indifference. Inwardly however, she was aflutter with a myriad of thoughts and emotions. She could not discern what it all truly meant, but one thing was for certain; Thor's days were numbered.
The Epic Beard Man will rise again.
by Acsension March 19, 2010
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Proof that you don't fuck with a guy wearing a baby blue I am a motherfucker shirt.
person 1: I heard epic beard man is smacking the shit out of someone guy who wouldn't spit shine his Stacy Adams

Person 2: Better call the Amber lamps
by Madax February 28, 2010
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Epic Beard Man

A term recently used to refer to the old man with the large white beard who beat the living hell out of a man on a city bus in Oakland who was threatening to fuck him up.

Name Breakdown:

Epic- Used to describe the epic thrashing power of this 67-year-old senior citizen

Beard- Refers to the large white beard on this epic man's face

Man- This one speaks for itself

Ex 1:

nbritton (1 hour ago)

The Epic Beard Man has taught me that real men can cry in public.

Ex 2:

imacomputer1 (6 minutes ago)

Epic Beard Man is my hero!

Ex 3:

jlira01 (1 hour ago)

Epic Beard Man, you complete me.
by CallDaAmbalamps February 19, 2010
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A fucking racist asshole that decided to pick on a poor black man just because of his race. When the man defended himself, he got a thrashing from the older man and required medical assistance. Police further investigated the story and found out that the elder man was on drugs and mentally unstable at the time. A sad sack of shit, poor excuse for a living being. Gives a bad name to white people, and perpetuates the idea that all black people are ignorant. One word: Obama.

He is epic as in Epic Fail Beard Man.

White supremacists, go fuck yourselfs.
EBM: I'm a 67 year old unstable racist asshole on drugs. I will beat you up because you are black. When you retaliate, I will kill you.

Black guy: What the fuck did you say about my race?
EBM: Shut the fuck up. *beats him up*
Black guy: you are sued. Didn't even kill me, haha racist ass hole. Enjoy your days in jail, retard.
EBM: Nooo I'm such a Nazi fucktard, why am I so fucking racist and stupid? I am not an epic beard man!
by Anonymous1610 September 18, 2010
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