A funny wiki-parody site that should never be taken seriously. If you want serious business, go mess with football. Often considered to be in the same league as Something Awful and 4chan.

People shouldn't be hating on this site so much. It's done some great things for the internet.

Encyclopedia Dramatica even helps you with your homework! Do a report on Hal Turner or the Habbo Raids today and watch your grade point average soar!
by Zpikdum Skeil Tacgnol May 18, 2007
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Where the hate goes to rest at night. Encyclopedia Dramatica was founded to sit as an internet bestriding colossus over those whose self-important faggotry leads to Wiki-wars and LiveJournal feuds, people who get self-righteous and moralistic at the use of the word faggot, those that cry like little babies when someone points out that seeking sexual gratification through highly detailed drawings of anthromorphic animals in diapers is basically just fucked in the head, and fuckwits that cut themselves on MySpace. Die all of you bitches.
I could ask for arbitration and get ignored by your self interested little clique on your self-absorbed little social encyclopedia, or I could go over to Encyclopedia Dramatica and point out what a weird little transsexual you are, and that you are not at all afraid to admit to writing pedo-slash and long essays on why you're not a bad person just because you want to fuck children.
by wicked crikkett March 15, 2007
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Hella funny satire that humorless bores on Urban Dictionary apparently get offended by. However, as ingenious as it can be, the site suffers from the overuse of the word 'furry,' as it's written on nearly every paragraph.

These people can't handle the LULZ on Encyclopedia Dramatica. They made fun of their favorited bubble gum pop band My Chemical Romance on the intrawebz, and now they're offended for life and will now go do some cutting.
by AD777 October 14, 2007
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Encyclopedia Dramatica is a joke encyclopedia that embodies the very essence of offensiveness and the phrase "if you can't beat them, join them". It manages to be funny not because of the wit of its writers, but because of the reactions it incites.
I mean seriously, look at the other definitions on urbandictionary that insult Encyclopedia Dramatica. Don't they look familiar?
by lulzader August 26, 2008
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Imagine if The Onion made a satirical version of Wikipedia and you're halfway there. Effectively breaking rules 1 and 2 of the internet, it's also the first stop for anyone who doesn't understand all memes on 4chan.
Farrakh: You know, I usually only go to Encyclopedia Dramatica for it's pictures.
by somedede June 08, 2009
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The bastard love child of a threeway between reddit, wikipedia and tv tropes, it provides cutting, satirical commentary on internet phenomena, a large chunk of human population and many popular fandoms. Presumably 4chan was involved as well.
The true genius of the Encyclopedia Dramatica is how it manages to offend the very people who offend everybody else.
by davll December 02, 2016
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