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Literally this means "in the fight". This is used by people in Latin America; in particular Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

People use this to describe their daily struggles, in particular in regards to overcoming financial difficulties. When you are "en la lucha" life is difficult, and you are fighting to win.
¿Como estas? / How are you?

En la lucha, 'mano. / I'm in the fight, brother.
by rf82 March 03, 2017
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literally meaning "in the fight" it is slang in the underground homosexual community of Cuba referring to a male prostitute. someone who is "en la lucha" is a male prostitute. the noun for a male prostitute in the Cuban gay underground is "luchador" (fighter).
él está en la lucha - he's a prostitute, literally, he's in the fight
él está un luchador - same, literally, he's a fighter
by Soseloshvili April 09, 2010
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