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Noun. Deviant sexual practice, not an exotic drink. This ancient practice of bestiality was limited exclusively to the Emperor under the threat of public disembowelment. When the Chinese Emperor wanted to experience the "most exquisite" sexual pleasure, he would have a minion bring him a goose with which to have anal intercourse. The Emperor would hold the goose while sexually penatrating it until the Emperor was about to ejaculate; at which time the Emperor would order his minion to grab the goose by the head and to chop off the goose's head. The dying spasms of the goose's sphincter then would complete the Emperor's deviant -- but unique -- sexual ecstacy. Chinese Goose deviant sexual ecstacy
You're lucky that you did not live in ancient China when your incredible stupidity could have made you an Emperor's Goose!
by JRW, PhD July 27, 2008
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