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The name belonging to the musical duo of Joe Pantelon and Samuel Sexchange

There are currently aproximately 6 copies of the debut album '7 Deadly Rims' officially released at Caroline's party in May 2006, and there is also a limited edition "Bum Hole EP" of which only three copies were produced and released to a short list of fans.

If you would like to request any Emperor Wang material (music, track lists etc.) or any further information regarding the band please send an email to
Some of Emperor Wangs Songs:
Bondage Queen (Mizbar's Cum Gullet) - 7 Deadly Rims (2006)/Bum Hole EP
Bum Hole Song - 7 Deadly Rims (2006)/Bum Hole EP
I Think I Need A Poo - 7 Deadly Rims (2006)/Bum Hole EP
by Mr Ram June 02, 2006
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