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A person who posses the ability to suck all of the positive energy out of someone. They do this through negative comments, or by mere prescense alone.
When we were at the wedding the groom's side of the family did not smile, dance or talk to us. They were such Emotional Vampires, they sucked all the fun right out of the party.
by Dillion Panther January 14, 2009
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someone whose life revolves around drama. they often pull you into their drama and guilt trip you into being their friend and putting up with them. dealing with them is often emotionally draining
Jessie is such an emotional vampire that I feel drained after dealing with her.
by aaddicted May 21, 2009
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when you wave casually at this person as you walk by, they quickly walk over and slowly suck the life from your veins by telling sad story after sad story about why their life stinks, then they leave feeling happy and full of life while they have left you completely drained
quick here she comes, run away fast, she's an emotional vampire
by biggestloser February 02, 2010
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1). Someone who is addicted to giving or having emotional pain.

2). Someone who becomes happy from another persons pain.

3). Malice
He is an emotional-vampire, always mentally beating people down.
by realityempty January 01, 2012
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