I myself bieng emo think that were just dudes that love the music and taking real good care of our style we dont cry about everything and were not all sad thats just what emo is none for but you who are not emo have no idea!!
some_dude:so did u cry all night until you fell asleep?

emo_guy1:dude ur an idiot!!
by issac July 27, 2005
Generaly Emo guys are hot! some wanna be's try to hard so they dont fit it...these are generally called newbreads!

Emo lads like to have black hair with a peroxide blonde fringe sweaping over one eye or they have peroxide blonde hair with a black fringe sweaping over one eye. they have lots of lip peicrings and tend to wear skinny fits(drainpipe trousers)

People sterotype emo's of all types and say they never smile and cry over songs! THIS IS NOT TRUE! Emo's are sensitive people, yes, but like every1 else they just like to hang around and enjoy the company!
emo skinny fits click these to serch for more info in sexy EMO guys
These guys r SEXY!
They have hot ass hair and delicious piercings. They love music and have a sweet soft side. Not all emos cut (and btw if u think that's funny ur a deadass sociopath) and they don't cry all day. They r beautiful people (especially the guys🤤) So show them love!
Idiot: Emo guys r ugly

Person: Nope the Sexyy
by Emo Goddess December 18, 2018
Easily-led trend followers that have adopted the cookie-cutter emo clone uniform that consists of ridiculously tight pants (often girl's pants), way-too-tight T-shirts (often girl's shirts), Van's or Converse high-top shoes, and any one of the multiple variations of the angular, backward mullet (see:emotenuse). Musically, emo guys listen to the sadly-growing legions of homogenized whiny pop bands and/or the growing-number of misguided metalic/punkish sounding groups that pretend to express anger and melancholy emotions that they have never truly experienced. Emo guys are often seen kissing each other as peer-encouraged homosexuality and acting stereotypically feminine is an important part of emo guys' image, and often is the result of having their testicles squeezed in tight pants for so long that testosterone production is impossible.
We saw a bunch of emo guys kissing because they wanted everyone to see how sensitive and emotional they are, but we all just laughed at how much influence a silly trend can have on human behavior.
by Marcus Solomon November 12, 2007
Emo guys are usually nice kind but can be rude to people who make fun of them we have a soft side too so don't make fun of us because of use being homosexual.
Emo guys especially a person who is overly sensitive and full of angst or adopts a certain style characterized by dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and jeans, etc.
by EmoDude7101 May 20, 2020
emo guys do not know whether they are gay or straight so they make it as hard for other people to figure out as possible
by kempokhanx March 15, 2006
Emo guys are those lil poser kids you used to call punk posers but since punk is dead all the angry kids whos parents wont let them wear all black and be goth are emo, they are the guys that hate their fathers cause their dads beat them up for wearing their sisters lipstick. they also CAM alot and they are to hair design what the jock shaggy-do is to fashion.
Emo guys that gay guy in HS that you cant say is gay cause its not nice but hes so gay, hes emo guy. also they think they can mosh and fight and be cool but not so but they have a lot of girl FRIENDS. pussy suckers.
by jthrillahsizzle March 15, 2006