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1. An oxymoron due to the fact that emo is a false genre compiled from bits of other underground music scenes into a uniquely bland fashion (non)statement. Its fashionably depressed adherents pride themselves on contrived negative emotion, looking like each other, and an ironic sense of self esteem that comes from self-loathing.

2. Emo culture is the yogurt-like substance created by the bacteria that grows in the dark, hair dye goop of emo clones.
1. Emo culture taught me to be proud of my insecurities and now I am an individual that looks like all my other crybaby friends.

2. That is not pus, it is emo culture oozing from sissy-boy's noggin.
by Marcus Solomon September 05, 2007
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1.A subculture that originated from punk rock music, in the early 1990s. People that follow the emo style may wear tight clothes, side swept bangs, and alot of black attire.

2. A genre of music that originated in the 1990s from punk rock, and alternitive.

Some emo bands may include

dashboardconfessional fall out boy from first to last

and my chemical romance
He must be part of the emo culture, He sure is dressed like it.
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