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Emo Punk or Emo is Punk is a saying use to show others (mostly those that hate Emo) that Emo is a sub-genre of Punk music.

The saying Emo Punk, or Emo is Punk is use by people to show others that Emo is a sub-genre of Hardcore Punk.
Person one. Emo Punk.

Person two. Why are you saying that?

Person one. To show others that Emo is Punk music.

Person two. Oh so Emo is Punk.

Person one. Duh yeah; now u got it.
by Freak Punk June 16, 2006
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A punk into emo punk music. And yes emo is punk music.

emo - short for "emotional." Emo is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock. Emo is a sub genre of hardcore punk music.

The The first wave (1985–1994) of emo music came from bands like Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, Nation of Ulysses, Dag Nasty, Shudder To Think, Fire Party, Marginal Man, and Gray Matter,

The second wave (1994–2000) had bands such as The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Texas Is the Reason.

The third wave (2000–Present) has bands such as AFI, Alexisonfire, A Static Lullaby, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Finch, From Autumn To Ashes, From First To Last, Funeral for a Friend, Hawthorne Heights, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Thrice, and Thursday.

One of the biggest problems of emo today is punk has abandon the music and culture/movement it created. Although many of these emo bands emerged from legitimate punk rock scenes, they grew to be despised by veteran fans of punk who considered the genre to be fake. So it leads emo to be used by the mainstream music industry and society. Many punks are judgmental and critical of emo just the way people of the past have been of other punk music and punk movents. These veteran punk are in no way different.

That is not what punk is suppose to be about. Its suppose to be oppen to diffrent thing and individualism. There is problems with emo music and the emo movent but unstead of veteran punks being help to these trouble teens, They become critical and judgmental.

If this is what punk has become then maybe it should be dead. Punk instead of being help to emo music and the emo movent it has become apart of the problem in many ways.

Lets keep true punk and true punk ideals alive.
Guy one. That punk listens to emo punk music.

Guy two. He must be an Emo Punk.
by Celtic Guy May 08, 2006
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emo-punk is just a shortened version of saying emotional punk music. its not really that bad oh and by the way all the lil fuckers who wrote on here good charlotte is NOT emo-punk u shit heads!!! Goo Charlotte is pop-punk (1st n 2n albums) and rock (3rd album) so m'eh u lil fuckers!
Jimmy eat world - now thats an emo punk band!
by i love joely-moley March 27, 2005
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An absolute oxymoron as "emo" is a false music genre created from drab bits of other music subcultures into a completely unoriginal music/fashion statement, whose adherents pride themselves on contrived self-loathing, exaggerated negative emotion in general, and looking like other emos, while "punk" is a distinct musical subculture that is an angry and creative rejection of "normal" society and "fad culture" in general. Emo fools also disregard the fact that all music is emotional, and instead delude themselves into believeing that only negative emotions are important.

Many emos attempt to make a direct connection between punk rock and the flacid emo trend. While "emotional hardcore" punk rock did exist in the early 1980s, the word "emotional" is a term that refered to the entire emotional spectrum and has nothing to do with today's unoriginal, cookie-cutter, fashion/musical trend.

Saying someone is an emo punk is like saying an animal is a monkey-fish.
That guy thinks he is an emo punk, but he is just a self-deluded trend-follower with an emotenuce haircut, little-girl's pants, and an Exploited T-shirt.
by Marcus Solomon October 26, 2007
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1) A undergorund member of the Punk Rock sub-culture that embraces the true meaning of emo
2) An emotional-punk
3) A Punk associated with Emotive hardcore

Style and appearance:
An Emo Punks's style is:
1) Bondage pants, combat\biker boots, spiked bracelets, ripped clothes, and
black\gray clothes, skinny/ripped jeans, Converse shoes, band bracelets
2) Makeup ( not necessary )
3) Nail-polish ( not necessary )
4) Liberty Spikes with or without long bangs, Prison Bar Haircut, Chelsea Hawk, any colored or natural hair
5) D.I.Y

1) Have ironic humor
2) Be political
3) Be artistic, as punks with emotion are artistic people
4) Express yourself through music, as both the punk genre and emo genre do
5) Mosh and fight!, it doesn't mean your emotional your aren't a punk you can mosh or fight, and take back whatever is yours
6) Be ironic!
7) Never be too serious
8) Write poetry or song lyrics, as you're emotional you find many ways to express yourself
9) Be yourself and don't sell-out
10) Don't take others opinions
11) Be against mainstream

Music: (bands are JUST examples, listen to anything you like of these genres)
1) Punk Rock/Hardcore Punk with any political background (Ramones, Sex pistols, Dead kennedys and The Clash)
2) Emotive Hardcore/Post-Hardcore: (Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Embrace and Moss Icon)
3) Screamo/Skramz: (Pg.99, I Hate Myself and The saddest landscape)
4) Midwest Emo: Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Cap N Jazz
Interacting with an Emo:
Emo Guy: Dude you listen to Emo music?
Emo Punk: Yeah I do listen to Emocore
Emo Guy: What are your fav bands? Mines are My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens
Emo Punk: Cool I know those bands, but listen to bands such as Rites of Spring, Moss Icon and I Hate Myself, but I do listen to other types of Emocore
Emo Guy: Great!

Now interacting with a Punk:
Punk Guy: Hey do you listen to punk rock?
Emo Punk: Yeah I do
Punk Guy: Really? Just to be clear I don't mean Pop Punk
Emo Punk: Well I don't have a problem with Pop punk I think it's alright, but hell yeah I listen to Punk Rock such as The Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, Bad Religion and Black Flag
Punk Guy: Wow, awesome I thought you were a poser, but guess not!
by JeffIsMyName June 21, 2016
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Try-hard punk rock bands that sing about being alone and broken relationshipis. Much like a rnb but with guitars and drums. Usually stupid attention whore teeny-boppers listen to this crap.
Jessica is always listening to her emo-punk, I just want to slap her in the face.
by ^_^ June 06, 2004
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the medium between pop music and hardcore rock. for the little ppl who haven't yet developed into real rockers. Haven't u heavy-metaler's realised that u went thru the emo-punk stage before u became hardcore?? tis the beginning...yes the lyrics are very "emo-tioally charged" and the music is pussy-weak but it's in the middle of pop and rock. it's the transferal stage.
eg.1: i still have my Britney cd's but i found a new band called Good Charlotte that i like now.
this leads to moving to similar bands such as taking back sunday, simple plan etc... then u move to ur metallica, eighteen visions etc..
by fighting_my_way_thru December 14, 2004
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